the enchantress’ well


‘If you have never been called a defiant, incorrigible, impossible woman….have faith…there is yet time.’

Clarissa Pinkola Estes - Women Who Run with the Wolves

Women have always gathered.

They have gathered in tents, in tipi's, in living rooms and libraries, in kitchens and community centres, in churches and coffee shops. 

Human beings are sociable creatures by nature and when the female species taps into that which is unending, the wisdom of the womb and ancestral memories, joining in union to raise the power of the divine feminine is a powerful and palpable medicine to administer and receive.

The time has come where we are being called to step into our medicine, into our power,  to peel back the layers to  step into the truth that resides deep within. To delve deeper into the self, to release, to let in, to let go, to let be. To fully land into the Goddess you came here to be. 

Through monthly teachings and offerings we hold the container for you to rise into your highest self. The Goddess that is emerging, the creatrix that is ready to create her destiny. To rise above old patterns, cycles, belief systems - to connect deeper to the earth, it’s seasons, the moon, the stars. 

Welcome to our Well; an online temple where those of us who feel a call to delve deeper into the self, into the priestess, the Goddess, the witch, the wild woman within our bones can connect to a deep source of guidance as we evoke a deep remembering, a coming home. 


monthly wisdom. 



Becoming Supernatural - Joe Dispenza

“As energy from the lower three centers is activated during the breath and moves up the spine to the brain, a torus field of electromagnetic energy is created around the body. When the pineal gland becomes activated, a reverse torus field of electromagnetic energy moving in the opposite direction draws energy through the top of the head into the body from the unified….{continue reading - well wisdom}


The Woodward - The Wildwood Tarot

The classical tarot image of strength is a beautiful, mature woman controlling or holding a lion. The inherent balance of this image shows the calm, beauty of patience and love, countering the unbridled emotions of anger and hate. The woodward, an ancient guardian of the wildwood, symbolizes the inner power that comes from facing fear and understanding the nature of darkness.….{continue reading - well wisdom} 

Herbal Medicine.

Lavender (Lavendula) 

Lavender conjures up, for many people, whimsical memories of breathing in the scent of a grandmother or traipsing through beautiful gardens as a little one, inhaling summer as we went. She is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and though this may relate to the throat chakra, we also see how Lavender can connect to the crown, the pineal gland, that which…..{continue reading - well wisdom}


‘If you still believe in magic you’re subject to enchantment.’ Toby Beta



Currents of air and sea are vulnerable to my breathing. Metaphors of mountain
ranges seem tiny compared to all I contain.’ Laurie Perez



‘Let your body call you back into yourself, into your most deeply embodied self. Land, dive, soar. Find the crumbs that lead back home.’ Cheryl Pallant