Dancing with the Darkness

‘Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.’

Mary Oliver.

It is from the point of darkness that we access the wisdom that often hides for fear of being shamed by its lack of cheer and light.

With the energy of the waning moon, we descent into our darkness. Into our depths, we reject shame + gather to become empowered in our wholeness, we slip into the abyss of the feminine + find divinity in all parts.

It is from the shadows that we retrieve our animalistic nature. It is where we meet the ancestors, in the depth of our belly + the memories of our cells. It is from our own box of darkness that we rummage through the hidden depths and extract our magic.

As the wheel turns once again into the dying of the light, we connect with the alchemy of the Enchantress, we allow ourselves to be seduced by our natural desire to go within + access the richest, most primitive parts of our inner Empress who, when honoured + seen, transitions to the very wisest of crones.

This weekend in the woods will require us to connect with our inner temple as much as our powerful outer shell + greater sisterhood; there will be a focus on tending to our creative base + our roots, honouring the Wild + the Wise within us + connecting to the womb space as the place where our most profound sparks of creation arise from.

This is a weekend in the woods that will suit the Womyn who have a desire to do the deepest work of the Goddess and make moves to embody sovereignty.

Sian Marie Pilkington + Lisa Hillyer in Bragg Creek November 22nd-24th.

Investment for members - $475
Investment for non-members - $550
50% deposit required to secure your spot.

Location - Folktree lodge

This weekend in the woods is fully catered, alcohol-free and will be professionally but discretely photographed. Overnight accommodation is also included in the Retreat Fee.
Deposits are non-refundable.

Praise for Enchantress’ Well Gatherings.

‘I was nervous, I’m an extreme introvert. ( even though I’m wild around the people I love ) And going into something without any idea of what is on the “agenda” sends my anxiety into overdrive, especially when I know their may be a bit of sharing vulnerability. 
I sat with the idea of not going to this retreat, looking for any sign not to go, but everything lined up, shutting down every excuse. even all my card spreads I pulled pointed to going. So I went. Terrified, yet knowing deep in my soul This was what it’s been asking of me for so long. 
It happened. Ripped my vulnerability to shreds. Crying, shaking, sharing the deepest parts of me, with strangers who I was intertwined to by thread. But I was held. I was so fiercely held by those women-my soul sisters. Burning in the cauldron-the papers that we wrote what needed to be released. We dug into our archetypes-meditated on them, and wrote on our scrolls what we needed to step into our power. We filled our bottles with the well water of the new moon in Pisces. we passed them from sister to sister blessing it-while also chanting in union the word she chose to represent her power. We danced together, stomped together-for each of our chakras. We sang together. We crowned each other with our flower crowns. It was pure magick. 
These are my people- my soul sisters Thank you for holding space and trusting me to hold space for you all. And-For coming into my life. 
@findyourpurebalance for cooking with love-delicious vegan food for us. And for crowing me. I was honoured to be crowned and seen by you-I admire you so much. 
@yellowpetalphoto.soul for capturing the magick. 
@lisa__hillyer and @whenwomengather -thank you from the depths of my soul for facilitating this, and for existing. Especially existing in my life. I am so grateful you both came into my life, and honoured to call you my soul sisters.’

Carla Hoogenboom, Airdrie, Canada

‘First of all....Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lisa Hillyer and Sian for bringing us together and creating this sisterhood.

It was absolutely amazing to come together with women and leave with life long friends, ripping us bare and showing everyone our vulnerable sides to be completed supported and safe. 

I am already pre registered (in my mind!!!!) for the next one. 

Y E L L O W • P E T ∆ L you are... without a doubt one of my favourite people ever... 

@kristenedison you inspire me with your strength.

There are so many people I could pay tribute to and all I can say is that I already miss this connection, and I will see you all soon!!’

Lisa Frances, Calgary, Canada