Our Dream.

The Enchantress sits in the dreamland, the west of the wheel, bringing her Medicine Woman self to the waning years after the full bloom of mother. She sits in the liminal space that so many women get lost in, when they feel they have lost their magic with the fading of their youth and the rising of the fine lines tracking their face.

She is the space of pre menstruation of our cycle. The Water element. She is the space that women have dreaded for centuries as painful and destructive; she is Kali Ma. She is the place where we can self destruct if we do not draw in deeply and visualize the medicine of Wild Woman that she truly embodies. The healer. The place of reflection and integration.

Our Vision with the Enchantress’ Well began with a merging of our inner selves, two women with a link to Avalon, who have each previously succumbed to the pressure to succeed in a world that dishonours the wild woman and dubs her hysterical; we prevailed. Sitting together we saw ceremony and especially what it is to dive into the medicine of The Enchantress and see fully her value. We dream of leading a retracing of the steps through all of the archetypes that we have been in before and those we have ahead of us so that we can move into each phase with fluidity and as little wounding as possible. To feel is to heal. To die is to be reborn. To move from one phase to another and back around is to be a part of a circle and in the world of The Goddess, the circular rhythm is much more desirable and innate than living in a patriarchal linear manner.

You do not have to physically be in the Enchantress phase to experiment with and experience the healing elixir of her. In this online gathering space we delve into how we can use contemplation in both solitary and group setting to get wise in how we intuit what no longer works so that we can release and bring in that which we desire. How we step into our Creatrix phase. How we lay foundations that are built upon solid personal ground rather than the shaky bedrock that the old paradigm told us we need to work from.

This is the time of The Queen and we invite you to find your way to the throne with us.