I am Lisa.


The words teach, heal + inspire were whispered to me in my early twenties.

I remember it so clearly - an anchoring in my heart. A knowing this is what I’m meant to do, this is where my truth resides. A soft glimpse of what my future held.

A gift from the Universe….

and then just like the Universe likes to do the floor came out from beneath me as she sent me on my own quest to dig into the seeds she had planted. To dig into the depths of the self, into my own truth. To send me to the bottom of the swamp to find a glimmer of light, to crack open a heart that had long been closed.

What followed was the birth of my daughter + the sudden death of my father within the next year. The rawness, the emotions, the intensity of the birth death cycle sent me into numbness.

Like a balloon who had been let go.

I escaped, I numbed.

I dove head first into my chosen escape and repressed what wanted to surface. The words teach, heal, inspire lost on me as I entered my first life as an Interior Designer. I flourished in the career - poured myself into a career where emotions + feelings, were not necessary.

Where I could remain numb and on the surface.

Silencing the dim little niggle at the base of my gut whispering that something wasn’t quite right. An uneasiness as the repressed childhood trauma started to surface as everything that was held within wanted to rise in a body that was not ready. I retreated back to my teenage ways of believing I needing to be rescued, I wasn’t worthy, broken, needed to be fixed and numbed as I did in my early years - with alcohol.

This pattern of numbing, uneasiness, abusive relationships, internal hell spanned over the next decade until my career landed me a job in Australia. Me and my daughter set out for the adventure, thinking I had been gifted a fresh start. Little did I know it would be the push that would send me into the depths of the swamp like I had never been before.

I was across the world with all the pain within along for the ride and that’s where I found myself at my rock bottom, miserable and ruining what had once been a dream.

I was at my bottom with what felt like no way out and thats when I caught a glimpse of my true self in a hot sweaty vinyasa yoga class at Power Living Australia. A glimpse of the essence that had always been deep within.

That yoga class was the catalyst for what would follow as 7 years of deep personal growth.

It was the glimmer of light at the bottom of the swamp.

The years that followed took me back to Canada where I started working with a life coach. Untangled + unraveled the confinements that society, ancestral lineage, the mind had placed me in. Dove deep into yoga, traveled to the heart of it - India, became a life coach + a yoga teacher. Left my previous career to trust and surrender as I stepped into a life of coaching + teaching full time - of service.

Ultimately constructing a life that I no longer wanted to escape or numb and with that came sobriety.

Each layer slowly being peeled back bringing me back home to the truth within until a series of synchronistically aligned events that only the Universe could orchestrate landed me in the white springs of Avalon and I knew my soul was truly home.

To teach, heal + inspire.

Lisa lives in Calgary, Canada with her 18 year old daughter + adopted dog named Curley. She works as a yoga teacher, life coach + workshop facilitator. Lisa works with coaching clients all over the world - guiding them back to the truth that resides deep within.