When the intention behind beautification comes from trauma created by a society craving perfectionism, there is work for us to tend to indeed. We as women, mothers sisters, aunts and friends have the capacity to come together and see one another bare faced and raw, seeing through it all and honouring the person beneath. This is where healing the wound of ‘not being enough’ can begin. In our circles, non judgmental and doused in pure appreciation for all of the faces that many women may have, hearts heal and deep seated ideals disperse. It has been in our times of swimming naked with other women that we have activated a new appreciation for our true courage to be seen in our divine, true perfection.

But what about the deeper reasons to appreciate ritualistic adornment? For this, in itself, is an ancient art.

When a woman spends time on her self, with herself, going into her body and becoming One with its many aspects, we are activating a space within us that transcends from thought to embodiment. It is one thing to think all of the self love but let us not be ashamed to act the self love in any healthy manner that we choose. T

Wrapping your hair in coconut oil and a silk head scarf, dropping that rose oil into the crevices of your skin, selecting the dusty pink lipstick that makes your inner Goddess a little less shy about being seen, drawing up the most exquisite artwork for ink that will forever grace your beautiful evolving body, being whimsical with the color that you choose for the crown your head, spending time and money on crafting your own beauty products or trying out new ones, ones that derive from Gaia herself.

We connect not only with the priestesses, with Cleopatra and the women before us who bathed in milk + honey but also with our inner child who begs to make art, to colour outside of the lines or to be meticulous with detail, upon her own skin. It is a masterful act of self reclamation to do what we please with the birthright that is our own bodily autonomy.

It is bliss.

It is transmission of The Mother Fire, that which drive us to be our own Queen, the acceptance of our totality.

It is the unfurling rose, with both its beauty and thorns, and the honouring of all the parts.

Integrating Activity: consider a time when you felt most wholly beautiful. Why do you think that was? Journal it out and consider how can you bring that into life?


‘I felt most beautiful when I got married’.

This was because my hair and skin was tended to so beautifully and I was soaked in love for another. It all felt luxurious and ceremonial.

Moving forward I can find this by experimenting with face and hair oils and creating sacred space for my lover and I to enjoy after my ritual of tending to my hair and skin.

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