Sadhana - Designing Devotion.

What were the seeds planted with the new moon? Was there a word or an intention of what 2019 is to embody? Sit in stillness for a brief time, connect to your heart + ask what do I want to embody? What is being called forward + what am I ready to create?
Finish the statement…..’I can, I will, I must….’
Write out everything that comes to mind, trips, experiences, feeling tones, courses, whatever lands into your heart.

What are the underlying feeling tones of what you want to create?
Ie. stillness, peace, love, freedom, energy, vitality, excitement

What daily practices bring you into the vibration, the feeling tone of what you want to create?
Yoga Asana/Meditation/Mantra/Pranayama

Example: Desire - Vitality/ 20 second cold shower, 5 x sun salutations, Abraham Hicks morning meditation, gratitude list
Desire - Peace/ 20 second cold shower, Nadi Shodhana {alternate nostril breath}, meditation with mantra ‘So Hum’, free writing

Readings, inspiration, study to add into your sadhana?

Decide your commitment time of day + duration.
{in the morning, the evening. daily for 5minutes or an hour, committing to practice this sadhana for a moon cycle or a year}

Sadhana is traditionally practiced between 3:45am and 4am as it is said the veils to the Divine are the thinnest at this time and the pineal gland is most active. However with any practice, you have to make it work for you and hold compassion for the self as to not allow it to become an act of the ego proving itself.

Write out your daily practice of devotion and start making your sadhana a practice of love to the self + to something greater than the self.