I read the book the Sophia Code a few years ago after a friend telling me about the transmissions from the ascended masters of the divine feminine that were contained within it. 

I was so very intrigued; coming from a Roman Catholic upbringing but having lived for years with a very intensely open spiritual perspective, the concept of ‘Sophia’ and “christ” being one consciousness was both extraordinary and enthralling. 

Sophia Christ consciousness is the place from which everything is created. The very principle of the Divine Feminine, of everything beginning from a black, womb-like still point, of Creation coming from a dark no-thing, of healing and manifestation and new thought form occurring in this space, is the underlying reality of Sophia Christ. Yet balance is found within her field: there is darkness of a fertile womb but the glorious white light of the most magnificence. 

The feminine principle is being re-birthed in what we call a Golden Age;

We have been living with a patriarchal program for a long time, since the Goddess was erased by the institutions that favoured male power over female wisdom and that was part of a karmic cycle. Though the erasure caused many deaths of innocent women, deep grief for insurmountable reasons and loss of sacred artifacts demonstrating the influence of women, the Divine Feminine was not eradicated. Just as the fae were pushed to the underground when they ceased to be taken seriously, so did the women. Self preservation was and is a keynote trait of the female race. Extremely smart.

But Divine Feminine existed a very long time before any censorship of Her ways; throughout the censorship of the divine feminine, She prevailed, though quieter, more underground and patiently waiting. The Divine Feminine, Sophia Christ Consciousness, never died. She simply outlasted. 

This is not a gender related concept but a duality highlighted idea. Sophia Christ consciousness exists in every gender binary as the yin principle, the receptive mode within us, the depth of darkness, the moon’s gravitational pull, the still point, the ground zero, the creative essence.

When we tap into the space of no-thing, of silence, and meditation and blackness, we are connected to the Great Cosmic womb where all energetic thought can begin to take a form. We connect to Sophia Christ Consciousness through: 

  • Communion with nature

  • Pregnancy, childbirth and nursing

  • Meditation

  • Energy healing

  • Free writing 

  • Channeling 

  • Intuitive dance/body movement 

  • Dreamtime

  • Plant Medicine 

All of the above altar your state of consciousness, slowing down the brain waves until you reach theta  (4-7hz) or delta (0-4 hz) brain wave patterns that allow us to access primitive, instinctive and intuitive information and abilities.

And there will be other modes in which you feel and find for yourself. 

I began to bring my own connection to Sophia Christ after reading about the concept through the energetic healing modality of Thetahealing. I had experienced a session with my friend and teacher and received such intense downloads of pure love, releases and reorganization of belief systems whilst we interacted through the treatment and I was certain that this was a clear opening to The Source, ‘going up and seeking Creator.’ 

Previously, through meditation, dreams and reiki, I had connected with angels, nature spirits and guides, but this new form of healing helped me to access the theta brain wave that had before seen me rather ecstatically through my childbirth journeys as well as the direct access to the highest source: God/Universe/Sources/ Creator/SOPHIA Christ Consciousness. 

It is a humbling place to be, in the realm of Sophia; I am aware that none of us are particularly special, that we ALL have the ability to tap into this infinite wisdom and healing, and that when we connect to this wisdom, we are being trusted with sacred knowledge. If I am not actually in a Thetahealing session, I most predominantly connect to Sophia at the end of yoga, during savasana or when driving. For some, it may be in the shower or just before falling asleep or in a float tank: the point in which we get to the still point of the slower brainwaves is different for everyone. You can begin to take note, now, of when and where you feel most connected and make this your habitual time and place to connect with this Universal consciousness.

We connect through the crown chakra, the top of the head, the pineal gland, a master gland that controls the manner in which we experience normal and altered states of reality. This is also the place of prophetic thoughts.

Often, this is called an Awakening. There are signs, sometimes subtle and sometimes not, when this expansion of the crown chakra is happening as mentioned in the introduction for this Portal Month. 

People often live in this world overstimulated and generally shying away from awakening because it demands of us that we be open to looking at ourselves truthfully, evaluating who we are and how we are living, what we are consuming, who we are in relationship with, how we are treating the beings of this planet and what our true vocation in this life is. Being attuned to Sophia Christ consciousness encourages almost constant evolution and quite regular transformation. It brings with it both a lowered sense of attachment but yet a much wider empathy and heartfelt love for others. We are, in essence, a blueprint of Sophia Christ/God. We contain the seed of perfection and limitlessness. We are seeds of this expression living human, ego-laced existences and it may take some work to get close to understanding the depth of our capabilities.

As mentioned above, it is in the very deep and slow theta brain wave where healing and knowledge is found and so, to work on old belief systems, cords or experiences that are no longer serving you in your movement forward in this life. And so, with the thought that we are all Creatrix’ within this sisterhood who are ready to Go Up and Seek our highest selves, I am going to lead you through a journey to teach you how to access Sophia Christ/ Creator consciousness, helping you to claim your own power as women, healers and points of creation.