Vernal Equinox meets Full Supermoon:
Unearthing with Botanicals + Greeting the brightest light.

Goddesses/Gods to connect with: Ostara, Flora, Maia, Demeter + Kore, Dionysus, Pan.
Symbols: Egg, Baskets, Maypole, Butterflies,Seeds,
Colours: Blue

‘She turned to the sunlight
And she shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
“Winter is dead.”’
A.A. Milne.

We are here! We have convened, This is no mean feat. Let us congratulate ourselves for the internal oath that we have taken to open ourselves to the gift of gathering. Let us pay gratitude to the energy of the fae and the inner child, today: the elemental presence and personal archetype that abound and bestow their exuberant, untamed joyfulness in this turn towards spring.

Around us today, we have Palo Santo burning, the scent of this sacred tree reminding us that the roots of the trees that lay sleepily dormant beneath the earth are now beginning to buzz with a livelier energy, as we may well be. We are all awakening together.

As the smoke rises over our heads, moving into the shafts of our hair as it encircles our heads like flower crowns, Sian + Lisa take in its essence and then, a crystal quartz in one hand, we bring to our mind the image of Oestara,  we select three cards with the other hand.

Today we are using The Illustrated Herbiary by Maia Toll, a deck that helps us to connect with the glorious botanical medicine that our Mama Earth offers.Before moving into ceremony, we will consider these cards and what they might mean on our journey today.


This card spread positively screams the unearthing + breakthrough that is spring, along with the gentleness + attention to internal awakening that a smooth transition requires.

The day of the Spring Equinox marks a time of complete balance with light + dark standing in equal stead + for this tiny space of time, we are standing right within the veil, soaking in a liminal space akin to those moments right before waking from slumber or exiting meditation.

The full supermoon, the final one of three this year, that we also sit with at this equinox perfectly corroborates this theme of balance as it illuminates  equilibrium, shining down upon us from the sign of Libra, the scales.

The ‘ground zero’ aspect to the calm before we move on grants us the deepest access to all things, to wisdom + ancestral memory + healing.

Thank you Mugwort, Artmesia Vulgaris, for presenting your medicine that asks us honor the liminal spaces, to listen to the whispers of our dreams + guides us through the winding paths of the collective unconscious.

Yes, we will remain with you awhile today. We hear your call to the subtler realms.

And then once we have recollected, remembered and revisited, we begin to step forth from the spaces in between, of the pause between winter + spring, between sleeping + waking, and we meet Chickweed, Miss Stellaria Media.

She is the bringer of new beginnings, she whispers to you to unfurl and stretch, to look towards the light and that wherever you are at is where you should be: now is the time to start. Do not wait for perfection before you take your first steps.

Chickweed is small but her petals are like tiny stars; just as when you look up in to the sky and see sparkles that seem to hide so easily behind clouds despite their ACTUAL size, so does chickweed remain unnoticed by many, but her powers are wide.

She reminds us that as we step into new light, comparison is the thief of joy and we should not wait for approval before we let our light shine. We can make subtle but incredible changes just by being brave enough to exist and begin telling our tales and living our finest lives.

We will sit with the medicine of chickweed today to remember that even the small are mighty and that even the tiniest joys can bring the greatest satisfaction. She is the inner child.

Marshmallow then steps us with compassionate grace to the fact that breaking new ground can be an exhausting task and that when our playful spirit that is newly awakened is tired from all the fresh activity, we may need to be embraced.

Althaea Officinalis, Marshmallow, comes forth to soften our raw edges, the scraped knees and the hurting heart that feels tender from being chastised for playing too hard.

She reminds us that its ok to pullback just a little and tend to any wounds so that we may begin to create again.

In this card spread today for the Vernal Equinox, we receive the teaching that out of the luminosity comes clarity + light, out of the warming earth comes stardust + movement forward and out of the activity back to awakening comes tenderness + tired minds that crave nourishment + self-care.

Our ritual offering for this turn of the wheel encompasses the honoring of these aspects of life.

You can choose to do this ritual at either the exact time of the Spring Equinox which is 3:58pm MT
At the exact time of the rising supermoon in Libra which is at 7:43pm MT
On March 20th 2019
Alternatively you may find a different time that best suits your schedule. We offer the above times as magically working with the lunar potency can be powerful.  

Ideas for altar (optional):
Eggs, painted or not
Rose Quartz or clear quartz
Fresh flowers

Once your altar space is set, take the following things to this ritual space.

Spring Tonic: steep any of your favorite herbs or non-caffeinated tea blends in boiling water, but if possible use Mugwort or marshmallow root. Other good herbs to use are chamomile or lavender; both will help you to access those mystical, sleepier realms.

Citrus essential oil or 1 orange + 1 lemon, both cut in half
Bowl of water
A plant pot
A flower

Walk into a space designated for solitary time, whether it be an altar or a room with a door that you can close and a soft blanket, bringing your prepared objects and spring tonic with you.

Suggested song to play:
‘Wonder Continental’, The Polish Ambassador, Beatbeat Whisper

Begin to settle in to your space and cast your sacred ceremonial circle by dropping your citrus essential oil or squeezing the orange + lemon juices into the bowl of water.

Swirl the water around with your fingers as you call in each direction:

‘I call in the guardians of the watchtowers of the east, of the faeries, the maiden, the energy of this turn of the wheel that we sit in, the new beginnings: be with us” - sprinkle water in that directions

‘ I call in the guardians of the watchtowers of the south, of the fire spirits, the  be with us’ - sprinkle water in that direction
‘I call in the guardians of the watchtowers of the west, be with us’- sprinkle water in that direction
‘I call in the guardians of the watchtowers of the north, be with us” sprinkle water in that direction
‘ I call in the essence of spirit and space, that which is universal + infinite, be with us.’
Placing your hands in prayer at your heart.

Feel the energy of Mugwort here. Imagine being suspended in space.

Now sit for a moment + bring to your minds eye that which you wish to begin creating in earnest.

When you are ready say:

‘I call on chickweed to help me rise up through the cracks + give my medicine to the world.’
Feel the playful yet shy energy of Chickweed, pushing up through the ground, through the soles of your feet and up your spine until your crown buzzes with active, yang energy.
Allow yourself to be still now with any thoughts, new ideas, or creations that  feel stuck to become unstuck.
Take your flower in your hands, place at your heart centre and ask the medicine of the blossoming flower to meld into your being. Place it into the bowl of water.
You may journal, now, anything that is filling your mind.
Allow total abandonment as you write.

From what you have written, extract the essence of what you wish for and hold that in your mind.

Fill your plant pot with soil imagining everything that you wish to be a reality in your life, allowing your dreams to be activated and actualised and add your seeds to it, using a tiny sprinkling of your sacred water upon them.

Place both of your hands upon the soil and say these words:

‘I  call upon you Goddess Ostara, to bestow upon me the gift of fertility so that I may bring to fruition that which waits inside of me to be created. And so it is.’

Wash your hands in the water and say: “The Spirits of Winter’s darkness are now behind us. The dark fertile earth of our sacred land is honored, the start of a new cycle.We now honor the Spirits of Summer’s Light, shining ahead of us. Blessings of spring!’

Blow out any candles that may be lit and take your water and potted plant with you, releasing the circle energetically.

Open windows to allow fresh air to blow through.

Add your water to either a bath later or the earth and prepare to tend to your plant, especially for this month that marks new beginnings + become the beholder of all of your dreams + desires.

Blessed be.
S + L