We invite you to set your sacred space, paying particular attention to the direction of the South, the realm of the Mother and Fire.

In this place you may choose to set your candle or a picture of what Mother means to you or even a miniature cauldron.

Take a moment to, as casually or as formally as you wish, invite in the energy of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene to assist you in your Fire Ceremony on this high and holy day.

We like to say :

‘Mother Mary of the Sacred Geometric Halo, you are a divine embodiment of The Sacred Heart and we wish for you to surround us in peace and sovereignty as we celebrate our achievements as women of The Ways. Join our sisterhood together in Union so that we ay rise up in love and celebrate one another today with loving attention.’

Anoint your crown, third eye and heart chakras with the oil of your choice, and say our loud: ‘And so it is.’

You may wish to find a comfortable seat and listen to the Yoga Nidra meditation now.

Following this, we invite you to begin the Spotify playlist or the music that helps you to sink into your most loving heart space,

Begin to write down everything that you have accomplished since Winter Solstice (December 21st) no matter how big or tiny it may seem. As you write, imagine your sisters surrounding you in your sacred space and consciously request of your heart chakra that it expands to reach the collective. This will anchor you into devotion and help you to access the many accomplishments that your heart may not have been noticing before.

Once you have written down all of your achievements of this last 6 months, bring your bowl or cauldron closer to you and ready yourself to hold the paper over a flame.

Holding the paper state:

‘ Mother Fire within me

Mother Mary Beside me.

The Magdalene bestowing to me,

My pure self love this night.

Take my achievements and burn them in the light of transmutation

So that I may make space to be in the present and bring more success to my future,

I release the attachment to my maiden, I fully embrace my mother, I bless the enchantress that looms and the crone to come.”

Burn the paper until it is ash.

“It is done, it is done, it is done.”

Take a moment to sip the rose tea, closing your eyes to allow its medicine to sink into your being and helping to refill you.

Say a prayer if thanks to the altar, blow out the candle safely and before leaving the space, gathers the ash and the rose from your tea.

Tonight, at dusk, offer the ash and flowers to the earth as a gift to the fairies and to The Mary’s who guide you tonight in the lightest day of the year, Summer Solstice.

Blessed be.
S + L