The Enchantress’ Rose: A Pilgrimage to Avalon.
Into the Well of the Heart.

A journey to travel into the heart chakra of the world, Avalon. We invite you to gather with us June 19th - 24th 2020 in the sacred lands where the Goddess is worshipped and the sacred waters flow,

We gather in the month of June to celebrate the rising of the summer sun and the swelling of our hearts as we make this journey to Avalon and connect with the lands that have held the Holy Grail, the steps of Jesus and the Mary’s, the Fae and the most sacred of all Wells.

We are beyond excited to be offering this pilgrimage; it is our hearts work to lead women into their deepest selves, excavating the magic along the way and this 5 day immersion into a place that holds so much wisdom of the Mysteries is the most perfect location to do The Work whilst soaking in pure beauty of English countryside and historical extravagance. 

Have you felt the call to Avalon or to work with the Goddess on a deeper level? To connect to the Goddess that is within? Maybe you’ve heard the name of Glastonbury and your soul just nudged at you to take note. Perhaps it is the green rolling hills and Arthurian legend that pulls you closer…


‘The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.’
Jalal-ud-din Rumi

{photo @jenallisonphoto}

In the quaint setting of Daisy Retreat Centre close to the base of The Tor, we will stay. This accommodation is situated upon the Michael Ley Lines and brings the most angelic, pure white energy to our time together steeping into the holy lands.

A place of solace as our week weaves the medicine of….

The Tor, retracing the ancient ghost steps of the Druids who once walked the land. We will touch the stonework, the old cobbles and the apple orchard, steeping in magical history as we make this visit to the holy hill where the veils between the worlds are the thinnest and the edges blur. 

St.Nectan’s Glen, where the Priestesses brought the divine feminine to the Knights of Templar bestowing protective blessings and we experience the otherworldy energy of the Fae and what feels like Utopia on Earth. The opportunity to bathe in the waterfall and sink into the healing, purification and rejuvenation these waters offer. 

Merlin’s Cave, the earthly embodiment of a container of magic, is said to have housed the legendary wizard Merlin, beneath Tintagel Castle, which is atmospherically stunning in itself. Here, we will chant and bring prayer to the space, merging our vibration with the one that lies here.  With the cliff structure and tides around you, this cave and castle site brings focus to the looming power of the Isle of Avalon and beyond. 

Chalice Well + The Gardens, we will witness and put our hands upon and within the ancient trees and sacred waters. This is a place of true connection to the Goddess and a space in which to find peace, sanctuary, where we you can release your worries and leave it in the safe vault of the Well.

The White Springs, dug into the belly of the Tor, brings the balance of the masculine energy + the unclaimed feminine. The element of water all around as the waters flow in the cave of the womb lit only by candlelight. Plunge into the witches well or cleanse and purify in the waters if you wish. Kneel at the altar of the Black Madonna, Brigid, The Wild Woman, The Crone and the Horned God - kneel to those who call you closer.

Avebury Stone Circle, we will get up close and personal with the ancient stones that hold magic and mystery and history in abundance. This will be a pilgrimage of it’s own and what you receive from this visit will be purely unique to you but absolutely enchanting in every way. 

Glastonbury Town, walk the streets where the wizards, the fae, the mystical are within the shops, the cobblestone - magic around every corner. The Abbey and the Yoni stone await as we walk the ancient lands and receive the healing of our ancestors.

We will bring ritual to the entire day of Summer Solstice, participating in both solo and group work. This will be a day of deep dives, beautifully led rites, feasting, opportunity to witness the sun rise on this high and holy day over the land, meditation, gathering within the celebratory energy of Glastonbury activities and local spirit including sunset ceremony.

A week of dance, ritual, yoga, silence, healing, and celebration as we arrive on the threshold to the other worlds. A portal to dive deeper into the self where the holy lands fully support you and usher you in.

A threshold of magic awaits.


Itinerary {subject to change}

June 19th
3pm - 5pm check in at Daisy Centre
5:30pm Dinner, 7pm Opening Circle

June 20th
7am Morning Yoga
8am Breakfast
9am Ceremonial Circle
Chalice Well, White Springs, Glastonbury Abbey, Magdalene Chapel, Shops
6pm Dinner
7:30pm Ceremonial Circle

June 21st
The Tor
Ancient Apple Orchard
Magick Weaving: Solstice celebrations

June 22nd
7am Morning Yoga
8am Breakfast
9am Ceremonial Circle
Merlins Cave, Tintagel, St.Nectans Glen
6pm Dinner
7:30pm Ceremonial Circle

June 23rd
7am Morning Yoga
8am Breakfast
9am Ceremonial Circle
Avebury Stone Circle
Closing Ritual
Breaking Bread: Celebration dinner at the pub

June 24th
8am Sisters in Ceremony: The Close.
10am Check out


Investment - Enchantress Well Members Early bird $1900.00
Investment - Non-Members Early bird $2100.00

Included in price - accommodation, transportation to sacred sites, plant based meals including breakfast + dinners, celebration dinner at local pub on our final evening, entrance to sites we will be visiting.

Not included in price - airfare, transportation to Glastonbury {train, uber recommendations will be provided} lunches.

Alternate payment options are available, please email at


Praise for Enchantress’ Well Gatherings.

‘I was nervous, I’m an extreme introvert. ( even though I’m wild around the people I love ) And going into something without any idea of what is on the “agenda” sends my anxiety into overdrive, especially when I know their may be a bit of sharing vulnerability. 
I sat with the idea of not going to this retreat, looking for any sign not to go, but everything lined up, shutting down every excuse. even all my card spreads I pulled pointed to going. So I went. Terrified, yet knowing deep in my soul This was what it’s been asking of me for so long. 
It happened. Ripped my vulnerability to shreds. Crying, shaking, sharing the deepest parts of me, with strangers who I was intertwined to by thread. But I was held. I was so fiercely held by those women-my soul sisters. Burning in the cauldron-the papers that we wrote what needed to be released. We dug into our archetypes-meditated on them, and wrote on our scrolls what we needed to step into our power. We filled our bottles with the well water of the new moon in Pisces. we passed them from sister to sister blessing it-while also chanting in union the word she chose to represent her power. We danced together, stomped together-for each of our chakras. We sang together. We crowned each other with our flower crowns. It was pure magick. 
These are my people- my soul sisters Thank you for holding space and trusting me to hold space for you all. And-For coming into my life. 
@findyourpurebalance for cooking with love-delicious vegan food for us. And for crowing me. I was honoured to be crowned and seen by you-I admire you so much. 
@yellowpetalphoto.soul for capturing the magick. 
Lisa & Sian -thank you from the depths of my soul for facilitating this, and for existing. Especially existing in my life. I am so grateful you both came into my life, and honoured to call you my soul sisters.’

Carla Hoogenboom, Airdrie, Canada

‘First of all....Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lisa Hillyer and Sian for bringing us together and creating this sisterhood.

It was absolutely amazing to come together with women and leave with life long friends, ripping us bare and showing everyone our vulnerable sides to be completed supported and safe. 

I am already pre registered (in my mind!!!!) for the next one. 

Y E L L O W • P E T ∆ L you are... without a doubt one of my favourite people ever... 

@kristenedison you inspire me with your strength.

There are so many people I could pay tribute to and all I can say is that I already miss this connection, and I will see you all soon!!’

Lisa Frances, Calgary, Canada